Monroe Michigan High School

Often the social conditions, especially civil unrest, in effect when a building is designed is reflected in the design of the structure and grounds.  Our new high school was built during the period of unrest and questioning of social values of our youth accompanying the Vietnam War.

The school board at the time thought stout fencing needful.  The type chosen would be just right for an inter-city Junk Yard.


The architectural firm chosen indeed built a robust structure.  Their area of expertise prior to this job is considered mainly in the design of jails and penitentiaries.  The building design is reflected in the sign.  Students are not dismissed, they are released.  

Even so, the students are offered an excellent education by the teachers and administrative staff.  Both of our children, Beth and Andy, graduated from Monroe High School and consider their education at Monroe High excellent college preparation.


However, attitudes change with time.  In 2003 a nice decorative fence replaced the chain link fence in front of our high school.  A fence is needed to keep an occasional wayward person from joyriding on the lawn and damaging shrubbery.  Thank You School Board

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