Historic Electrical System Endangered

Dry Weather Can Destroy History

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     Our residential electrical system replaced gas lights in many residential neighborhoods.  The present system nearly dates to the birth of poly phase power and has outlived Edison Westinghouse Steinmetz and Henry Ford.  We must preserve this system from rot, vermin, and yes drought.

Two Brave Line persons Making Repairs in Thick Brush

     With no Rain for a Month and Sunny Weather with no Wind the System Fell Apart on October 27. 2005.  The power failed about 10 AM and was restored about nightfall.  It made sense for them to do as much work as possible while conditions were favorable to efficient replacement of other equipment failing because of drought,

Wood Shrunken by Drought—the Wooden Insulator Pins then Fall Out


Wire Never Wears Out—Plenty of Compression Sleeves


In Dry Weather We Make Our Famous Beef Jerky

     This Road Killed Cow is Sun Drying into our Famous Beef Jerky While Serving as a Cattle Crossing Sign.

Edison Uses Extra Poles in Case of Fires in Wet Weather


Edison Protects Migratory Wildlife by Providing Hollow Poles that are only Replaced in Winter


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