Memorial Hospital on Steward Road



This was protestant Memorial hospital once located at the end of Maple Boulevard where flooding is a severe problem.  The governing board of this hospital wisely chose this location on a large tract of vacant land to permit expansion.

The question of a City the size of Monroe having two hospitals when one larger one would suffice resulted in the two facilities being combined.  However, once combined, common sense and the wuser heads on committees did not prevail.   The facility on Stewart road was closed and a vigourous expansion program commenced on North Macomb Street.  The Combined administration were blind to the fact that they were land locked.


Here, a wider view shows that Mercy is moving some ancillary functions into the Memorial facility.  At this point, the administration may have figured out that the Macomb Street facility was landlocked and that The City was unlikely to allow historic homes to be taken by any means and lost from the tax roll.  Any one in a position of power and respect who fails to consider common sense and look to the future of not just his or her pet scheme but the overall welfare of the community can be a real menace.

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