Mercy Memorial Hospital on North Macomb Street



This is the original Mercy Catholic hospital building.  The hospital has expanded to the right (South) and doctor's offices have been foolishly been added to further exacerbate the landlocked lack of parking condition.

A Trauma Center is a need for our county but this hospital is as far from that as putting men on Mars.  If you go here and think you are having a stroke or heart attack, the ER doctor know right away so you can be stabilized for transport to an out of county Trauma Center.

Monroe citizens have learned a hard lesson when cliques and special interest groups had an excessive voice in government affairs.  Twenty-Five years ago, the neighborhood was viewed as expendable and best converted to commercial use.  Today our history and historic neighborhoods are viewed as our greatest asset. However, five years ago the residental neighborhood was in danger of being resoned to hospital parking and taken from the property tax rolls.

It is anticipated that this excellent modernized structure, which has served as a hospital, doctors offices and administrative offices, should be demolished to make room for parking.  It would more prudent run a shuttle from the parking at the old Memorial hospital, which can be expanded, and to gradually move the entire facility to the Stewart road location.  A parking lot shuttle is already required because of the size of the parking lot on North Macomb Street for transportation of both visitors and patents.  

A hospital of this size serving much of a county should have an FAA approved heliport.  Does it?

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