Citizen Vigilance Saves a Neighborhood

A historic neighborhoiod almost lost!

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The following is a scanned image of a notice that was published in the Monroe Evening News Page 8B published on Tuesday September 21, 1999.  The property in question wanted for parking is a nice older bungalow in good condition.  The location is the South West Corner of Macomb Street at the intersection of Lemarand Street.  It is considered to be of a distinct older architectural style that should be preserved.  The rezoning, if it were approved,could have been expected to accelerate a domino effect to destroy a historical neighborhood for commercial use. 

Note: The city assessorís office indicated that the Hospital bought this property on March 18, 1999.  The hospital property is not taxed.  However, the portion of the facility that houses physicianís offices is a commercial venture that is taxed.  The property bought by the hospital was to have been removed from the tax enrollment.   There are several items listed in the public notice.  The one that illustrates how easily a neighborhood could have been lost is Case Z99-004, the first item.

The citizens were so outraged that the spot zoning attempt was determined to be contrary to law, and the request was removed from the agenda.   The problem here is that poor planning on the part of the hospital administration resulted in Memorial Hospital on Stewart Road with a lot of vacant land being closed .  Both hospitals were combined on a land locked site under the name Mercy Memorial.  This citizen action shows that no one including a hospital administrator is above the law if citizens are vigilant.

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