Historic Monroe, Michigan

Monroe County Michigan Historic Museum

See why Monroe is a wonderful place to live, do business, manufacture your products & Worship

Visit the Monroe County Historic Museum

The Main Museum - How to get there and What you will See

Monroe County Michigan Museum Navarre Anderson Trading Post Complex

The War of 1812 Massacre Battlefield Site


General Custer  - Our Civil War Hero


Ryan Solomon's History of Monroe Michigan - Excellent


Downtown Facade Study of 1981 - Excellent

City of Monroe Recreational Activities

City of Monroe Recreational Activities


Historic Homes and Sites in Monroe City & County

The Monroe Michigan  Old Village Plat Volunteers Achieve Excellence

The Sawyer House - A Home with Many Adaptive Uses

Historic & Beautiful Homes North of the River Raisin

Historic & Beautiful Homes South of the River Raisin

Monroe County Courthouse

Lotus Flower Fountain

Elizabeth Upham McWebb & the Little Brown Bear Statue

Monroe, Michigan Visited by President George Bush September 15, 2003

Some bits and pieces of Monroe Labor History

Historic River Raisin - A Beautiful but Dangerous Stream

The Historic Fermi One Fast Breeder Reactor

Historic Electrical System Endangered by Drought

Honoring Those Who Served in the Military

Monroe and the War of 1812 - Remembering the River Raisin Massacre


Spanish American War Memorial


World War One and Two Memorial


Matthew Urban - The WW-II Metal Of Honor Hero we almost forgot


Korean War Memorial


Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Visit Shop & Worship

Some places of Worship


Places to Shop and Dine in Downtown Monroe


Some Area Motor Hotels

Cabelas in Dundee - You Too Can Be Armed and Mission Capable

Medical Care in Monroe County Michigan

Monroe Area Hospitals


Medical Transport In Monroe County Michigan

Public Safety in Monroe County Michigan

Monroe City Police Department Website


Monroe County Sheriff's Web Information


Fire & Rescue In Monroe County

Our Countys Blow Up Moneymaking Jail

Serious Public Safety Issues With the Monroe County Michigan Public Safety Radio System

Some Local Information Sources

City & County Information Sources

Some Civic Leaders

Mayor Mark Worrell & City Council  2008-2009

Mayor Al Cappuccilli & City Council - 2006 - 2008

Mayor John Iacoangeli

John Iacoangeli  - Offer The Downtown Merchants Business Network had to Refuse

John VanSlambrouck 1968 - 1969.

 The Community Foundation of Monroe County


Essential Civic Matters.


 City of Monroe's 2004-2005-2006 Zoning Code

Michigan Open Meetings Act As Applied In Monroe

We are Unique

Learn About The Monroe County Historical Society

Councilperson Suffers Disabling Accident caused by leaping into a dark hole

Our New Railroad Underpass--See What is Under Monroe -- Limestone

Giant Mutant Cockroaches Invade Historic Monroe Michigan Neighborhood?

Good, Bad & Ugly Trees in Monroe, the Floral City

Monroe High School - How social unrest is reflected in architecture

Ways in Which Monroe County Recycles

Signs of Monroe

How Global Warming & Cooling Affects Monroe

Industry & Transportation

A Sampling of Good Industrial Corporate Citizens

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