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Our Outstanding Library System

When my Wife Marlyn and I moved to Monroe in August 1965 housing was scarce and we had little money.  We were fortunate to rent a mobile home from Deputy Sheriff Bob Patterson in Pleasantville Mobile Home Park.  This was a nice home and we soon had many friends in the park as well as the Monroe County Newcomers Association and especially welcomed into a local church as members.  

The Monroe County Library System had many books we could barrow to learn about the community.  At the time, the most helpful was Complan 2000 listing many issues that would influence growth.  The information firmed up our decision to save money for a down payment for a modest home in The City of Monroe.  This was a private transaction done on a handshake.  The City Clerk and Assessor supplied information that all assessments were paid and improvements in as well as any outstanding taxes and easementsd of record.

The Monroe County Library System has an excellent web site   Today out of state residents as well as local citizens can obtain information quickly through the Internet using the Library's web site and other resources and many links, especially to county government.


                           The Dorsch Memorial Library                     The Monroe County Courthouse  

Getting Information About Monroe County Government

Monroe County is governed by nine elected Commissioners who set most policies and serve the citizens by setting tax rates and budgeting money for most county activities in open meetings.  The day-to day government is directed by an appointed administrator.  Our elected Sheriff and judges provide for administration of the process of justice as well as law enforcement.

Monroe County government and information about the county is much more accessible thanks to an excellent Internet site.   Click Here to See  This makes getting information available on your PC anywhere in the world.

Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation

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