Monroe Michigan Labor History

The history of working men and women and their jobs is a part of any communities heritage.  Monroe has a stable skilled workforce.  Many area-working citizens belong to trade associations and labor unions.  Many law enforcement, public safety and municipal workers belong to unions.

Strikes to gain union recognition, higher wages, and redress of grievances occurred.  Some of these labor actions were successful for the workers.  A few have contributed to management decisions to send work to plants in states where labor costs are lower. 

In 1937, Violence erupted in Monroe, Michigan, as armed strikers prevent workers from returning to the re-opened NewtonSteel plant.  A local citizen Militia was organized by the Mayor attacked the strikers scattering them, and gain entry for non-striking workers.  

CIO union leaders call in volunteer pickets to reform picket lines.  To avoid further violence, The National Guard is summoned by Governor Murphy to restore order.  In fact, the Mayor had good order restored without the National Guard.  Newton Steel is now the site of a Visteon plant.  Making a plant a Visteon plant is part of the Ford Closing Process.  This plant is closed and the future looks dim.

The site of an illegal strike by the CIO.

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