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2007-September October Museum Newsletter & Dispatch of the  Historical Society PDF

2007-July August  Museum Newsletter & Dispatch of the  Historical Society 448 KB PDF

2007-May June Museum Newsletter & Dispatch of the  Historical Society 371 KB PDF

2007 March - April Museum Newsletter & Dispatch of the  Historical Sociery 717 KB PDF

2007 January - February  Museum Newsletter & Dispatch of the  Historical Society PDF 313 KB

Monroe County Historical Museums 2007 Calendar of Events From County Historical Comisssion

November December Museum Newsletter & Dispatch of the Historical Society 2006 PDF 601 KB

July August Museum Newsletter 2006 PDF 822 KB

May June Museum Newsletter 2006 DOC 140 KB

March April Museum Newsletter 2006 PDF 183 KB

November December 2005 Museum Newsletter  RTF 664 KB

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