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The battlefield interpretive grounds is a pleasant walking place.  Historical markers explain the battle that took place here including the weapons used.  A light British three pounder is a cannon designed with a bore sized to fire a round cast iron shot weighing three pounds.  This weight of ball is 2.9 inches in diameter hence the cannon is named a three pounder.

Sled Mounted 3 Pound Smoothbore Bronze Cannon


Inventory of Artillery Considered Used by the British


Another View of a Sled Mounted 3 Pound Smoothbore Bronze Cannon


The battle fought here on Jan 22, 1813 was one of the largest battles of the War of 1812.  Of the 934 Americans who fought here, only 33 escaped death or capture.  The massacre of wounded soldiers the following day shocked and enraged Americans throughout the Old Northwest Territory. 

The display includes dioramas & full-size British & American soldiers, as well as a computer operated fiber-optic map presentation on the Battle of the River Raisin.   

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