Monroe Historic District Commission (MHDC) May be Able to De Plaque

Perhaps you have heard of the ecstatical term defrocking—a severe rebuke and loss of some powers of priestly office.  In Monroe it seems that a committee of religious hair measurers who at public expense are empowered to De Plaque

From the May 2006 City Newsletter

City of Monroe Historic Preservation Planner Jeff Green said that the plaque issues have not changed.

Commissioner John Thompson asked about the plaque for 127 Hollywood Drive.  Mr. Green replied that the plaque had not been returned, as yet.  Commissioner Thompson said that he would check into it.

This uniquely beautiful home at the South West corner of Elm and Hollywood Drive attracts attention from many visitors to Monroe.  It has undergone many additions and renovations.  The home has a broad sloping front yard that assures a good measure of periodic river flooding protection.

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This home’s owners were given a special bronze plaque on May 25 2005 at a ceremony honoring home and business owners who were deserving of special recognition for their efforts at historic preservation and enhancements.

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