Lorain Avenue - an Example of a Traditional Neighborhood

 Our city has many traditional residential neighborhoods.  A normal feature are open front porches and one and one half or two and one half story construction.


  Many tradition homes have standing rib sheet metal roofs.  In addition to fire resistance, the roof lasts a century or more.  Snow slides off easily.  The roof is maintained by repainting every few years.



Another very neat two and one half story home in the Lorain group.  If you look carefully, you can see that the kids lost a football in the tree.




 This home in the Lorain group may be a duplex since there are two gas meters.  Two family homes provide both nice living space for the owner and an income from the rented portion.


 All rental housing including rented single family homes in the City of Monroe are required to be inspected for safety.  This periodic inspection is performed by the Fire Marshal Division of the Fire  Department for a modest fee.  http://www.ci.monroe.mi.us/fire.htm


 Young families find large single homes that have been converted to multiple family use a affordable alternative for what the webmaster terms "Urban Homesteding".   


 Urban Homesteaders can rehabilitate well built homes into outstanding single family showplaces for one half or less the cost for a similar amount of floor space in a new home in commercial suburban developments.

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