Mason Run Traditional Neighborhood Development

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Our Mason Run project is built on the site of an abandoned paper mill.  After a cleanup of minor industrial pollution, a traditional neighborhood modeled after nearby homes is being constructed.   This development is located on north side of Elm, West of the Dixie Hwy exit from I-75.  

A portion of the project may be in a flood plain.  Flood plain maps are maintained by the city engineering department.  See an example of flooding at:



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Consistent with nearby neighborhoods alley access is provided to the garages.  The development alleyways are paved.  The alley and garage behind the home plan leaves plenty of availability parking on both sides of the street.  The city encourages parking on both sides of the street to calm traffic, an effective was to encourage some wreckless drivers to  slow down. 


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Modern residential street designs have bump outs to restrict the turning radius of vehicles—an effective way to deter high-speed turns and truck traffic.  It is assumed that emergency vehicles such as fire engines and trucks can drive over the bump out curbs with ease with only moderate danger of tire and wheel damage.

This is a traditional neighborhood with modern planner think tank design considerations including underground utilities.  Why Monroe puts transformers in a cramped, undersized underground vault is not known.  Even in dry climates including Arizona smart planners place theirs above ground.

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This is a traditional neighborhood with underground utilities features a high-voltage electrical vault under  a manhole in a bump outs to restrict the turning radius to deter high-speed turns.   Drivers are slow to learn about the bump out function and are subject to drive over it with residential delivery trucks causing a mudhole and curb damage.

The project is being built in several stages and homes are already sold and occupied.  Parking permitted on the streets and the friendly neighborhood is a safe place to leave your car to park and carpool.


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Not all lawfully required amenities might presently be installed.  A handicapped accessible curb ramp is installed temporarily with asphalt on the right.  Note that large stones are installed to enforce proper safe slow turns.  A handicapped accessible ramp may need to be provided on a bumpout.  To reduce problems no right turns are allowed onto this street at this intersection.  However, local traffic can turn onto an alley.

This development is by builder Crosswinds Communities, Inc.   

The City Development Department web site is:


The City Engineering Department site is:


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