Monroe Michigan River Raisin Pollution Issues

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Photograph taken November 13, 2003 at 10:12 AM Eastern Time

A steady westerly wind of approximately 40 miles per hour propelled the water in Western Lake Erie, which includes the mouth of the River Raisin in an eastern direction toward Buffalo, New York.  Stiff eastern winds reverses this effect and can result in severe flooding of the western shoreline of Lake Erie.

The river bottom revealed by the wind is considered by the Government of the United States, which includes the Government of The State of California to be polluted and potentially capable of causing all manner of problems in humans, plants, and animal life forms.

Beneficial Use Impairments Due to Pollution

The beneficial use impairments identified include Restrictions on Fish & Wildlife Consumption, Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Bird or Animal Deformities or Reproductive Problems, Degradation of Benthos, Restrictions on Dredging Activities, Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae, Beach Closings or Restrictions on Body Contact (Restrictions on Body Contact apply to this AOC.), Degradation of Aesthetics, and Loss of Fish or Wildlife Habitat.



Great Lakes Information Network

International Joint Commission

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