Linda Compora's NO CAPPUCCILLI Sign Draws Hostility

    The Monroe Evening News prints all manner of letters sent to The Editor.  This photocopy of one appeared in the Saturday November 12, 2005 edition on page 4-A.  I would like to point out to Ron Turner that there is no requirement that a Monroe Councilperson be at all professional or have good taste.  Attending meetings in  a dazed or confused deportment is not at all unlawful.  

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Ron, Linda is correct in that she has a first amendment right to voice opinions expressing a dislike of a public figure or official.  Some forms of signage are indeed protected speech.

If you or anyone has a photo of her protest sign, your web keeper would appreciate a copy to post on this web site.  The sign is not visible in her yard and the recount to which she makes refrence has not been conducted.  Linda is a bit hard to understand concerning her platform.  My observation and opinion is that she is against industry and commerce anywhere near where she chooses to live.

Blight and dangerous buildings in her district does not seem to reach her threshold of awareness or concern.   For example, there is a building at the south west corner of Lavender and Lorain that is posted as dangerous

Wake Up Linda Compora


Do You Care Linda Compora

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Linda Compora's signs were back up Sunday November 20, 2005

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A larger view of Linda's signs at 411 Bentley Drive Monroe, Michigan

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Linda Compora taking notes while awating arrival of police

Linda complained that she did not want any photos of her home on the internet.  Sorry Linda, but the city already has photos of all taxable property on the city web site.  As a councilperson, you should know that.  Son Andy, who serves on the CPC was investigating the feasibility of rezoning the property on the East side of Huber from industrial-commercial to residential so the existing property can be demolished and a developer given the brownfield property for residential development.  This is based on Compora's request for the CPC to investigate the feasibility.  Son Andy Smith the Younger wished to see where her property was located in relationship to the properties proposed for rezoning.  All photos were taken by the web keeper Smith the Elder from a public right of way.  Compora was on a public right of way when photographed.

I expect Linda filed one of her many police reports -- a waste of police time and resources. So far the police have not had time to contact either Andy or I.

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Linda Compora Recall proposed

    The Monroe Evening News prints all manner of letters sent to The Editor.  This photocopy of one appeared in the Thursday November 17, 2005 edition on page 4-A.  

 I would like to point out to Robert Johnson that we must have a reason to recall any elected person.  This means we must wait for her to do something stupid.  How long must we wait?

Linda Compora Reading the Pedigree of Smith the Elder & Smith the Younger after taking down the licence tag of son Andy's car.

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   The IKO sinage brings to mind signs posted throughout Perry County, Ohio proposing to vote yes for an educational millage to help the intellectually challenged — perhaps 20 years ago.  There was temptation to take a sign to prove that such a thing actually was posted but on reflection, it may have been one of the challenged children’s parents who designed the sign.  There is a saying concerning an apple not falling far from the tree. The wording on the signs follows:





This sign conveys very little information - Much like NO IKO

   The web keeper's Dad once said that Perry County, Ohio was so poor that a jackrabbit would need a knapsack go get across it alive.  The following photos have been making the rounds on the Internet and are considered to show a typical Perry county wedding.

The Bride, Groom & Best Dog

The Wedding Cake - No Knives Allowed

    So Robert, while Compora got far less than half of the total voters cast, many citizens feel she best represents their viewpoint.  Please consider the following well known quote.

“No one in this world, so far as I am aware… Has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of plain people”

Henry Louis Mencken

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