Are More Signs Better for Marketing?

        Too many signs may convey a subliminal perception that something is seriously wrong with a property.  Here, it could unaffordable heating bills.  When buying an older home ask to see the utility bills.

   This home was very likely heated with coal and then converted to natural gas years ago.  At the time most homes made the switch to natural gas, the wellhead price for natural gas was $0.15 or so a thousand cubic feet.  Today that price is typically over ten dollars per thousand cubic feet.

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NOTICE: It is assumed that all sinage you see here is there by permit, common law, by right or approved by the appropriate official.  Various zoning and public safety ordnances may place limitations on signs in terms of content, placement, style, size, and number per parcel.  Just because you see them on this web site does not mean that they are lawful or unlawful.

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Signs of Monroe


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