A Unique Cubic Rental

A cube rental Owned by Newport Residents.  This design provides the renters with maximum space with minimum use of lumber and invasive window openings.  The sidewalk is convenient to the rental--just a couple of steps and one can be on his or Her motorcycle and head down the sidewalk.  This style home is unique and provides a maximum return on investment because the land is very little larger than the building footprint.

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Note the maximum convenience since there is no front yard to cut and gasoline motor transport is just a step away.  This is far superior to a carport and the sidewalk is not taxed as it is city property.

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NOTE:  It is assumed that this home conforms to all legal requirements for rental property or a owner occupied home. We are only showing what we saw from a public right of way when the photos were take,


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From the David Alkire Smith Photographic Collection

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